Blockchain-Based DAO Management Tool

Daoxy is an impressive and useful solution for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). This platform provides a flexible, adaptable and democratic structure where all members can participate equally and democratically in creating and managing a DAO. With Daoxy, users can enjoy the advantages of making all critical decisions in a decentralized structure. The platform facilitates critical operations such as the creation of DAO assets, determination of wallets, and initiation of voting, providing a secure, efficient, and easy-to-use DAO management tool for users.

Thanks to blockchain technology, all transactions and decisions made among DAO members become completely transparent. Transactions are irreversible for the safety of members, and everyone has an equal right to vote. As a result, a fair and democratic structure is formed among DAO members. In addition, DAO enables fast and efficient collaboration among members. Secure and fast collaboration among members enables organizations to be more efficient and effective.

DAO is user-friendly for all digital organizations with its up-to-date technological and flexible infrastructure. In summary, Daoxy is designed to create blockchain-supported digital organizations that respond to the constantly changing and evolving needs of the digital world.

Are you ready to create a new generation of digital structure based on trust, transparency, and fairness among members?

Multi-Chain, Off-Chain and Layer 2 Support

Supports all EVM-based (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, etc.) blockchain networks. Offers offchain support on demand. Additionally, Daoxy provides Layer 2 support on its platform, allowing voting in the system to be fast and cost-effective.

Reliable Voting and Contract Management

With this feature, users’ DAO voting responses are transparently recorded on the blockchain, and the voting is concluded in a completely reliable way. In addition, another smart contract function can be automatically activated based on the voting result.

API and SDK Support

All DAO contracts created offer customizable, reliable APIs and SDKs for voting, authorization and access.

Daoxy Mobile Application

Daoxy also offers a mobile application that allows users to easily manage their DAOs on their mobile devices. You can participate in DAO voting, manage your assets, and receive instant information about DAO decisions on your smartphones. The Daoxy mobile app provides an easy, secure and fast option for moving and managing between DAOs.