Integrated Blockchain Platform for Metaverse and Web3 Game Developers

Gamewizz is a full-fledged wizard for game developers, offering an integrated platform for Metaverse and Web3 game development. The platform provides a no-code solution that offers database, server-side APIs, and Web3 features for your game development needs. In addition, it offers detailed game analytics to monitor and improve game performance and interaction. With Gamewizz’s features, game developers can focus on game design, development, and enhancement. They can utilize their resources on client-side development to create highquality, up-to-date games. The platform also provides all the necessary blockchain services required for a complete Web3 game development.

With Gamewizz, you can easily create blockchain-based games without being a blockchain developer. The no-code interface allows anyone to create and manage applications with just a few clicks. The platform is designed to support all blockchain networks (Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Solana, etc.). It offers SDKs and robust RESTful and GraphQL APIs for all application development languages. These features allow game and metaverse companies to develop their games on a secure, flexible, and scalable platform.

SDK and API support

SDK support for Unity, Unreal Engine, C#, and many other programming languages. Game developers can connect to all functions through a functional, adaptable, robust, and scalable platform.

Cloud-Based Storage and Management

Gamewizz offers transparent, high-performance, and integrated data storage architecture with APIs and SDKs for many SQL, NoSQL, and Firebase, Google Analytics databases without the need for separate coding for each.

Game Analytics Engine

With Gamewizz, game developers can perform basic or game-specific analysis without the need for another platform.

Web3 Analytics Engine

Gamewizz provides a Web3 analytics infrastructure that enables the analysis of in-game and blockchain-based assets such as tokens, NFTs, etc. Thus, Web3 game assets that have an economy and interaction outside the game can be analyzed and necessary decisions can be made from a single point.

Features of

  • No-code Interface Support
  • Create and manage game tokens and their economy
  • Create NFTs and NFT collections
  • Create in-game NFT marketplace
  • Create and distribute DAOs
  • Automatically generate smart contracts
  • Custom smart contract creation
  • Testing and verification of smart contracts
  • Provide secure in-game wallet
  • Provide non-custodial wallet for games
  • Support for all blockchain networks (Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Solana, etc.)
  • SDKs for all application development languages
  • RESTful and GraphQL API support
  • Cloud-based secure, flexible, and scalable SaaS (Software As A Service) platform.