Blockchain-Based Secure Record-Keeping Platform

Introducing a revolutionary new solution for secure and private document storage!

Registo has combined the power of blockchain and IPFS technology to provide unique security and ease of use. With built-in smart contract support, your documents are protected with the highest encryption standards against any form of access.

Registo is a unique content protection mechanism that allows you to customize your encryption settings to meet your needs. Whether you are storing confidential business information, personal records or sensitive content, Registo ensures that only you or authorized persons can access them.

Designed to integrate with other blockchain applications, Registo is an ideal choice for businesses and individuals looking to streamline workflows and secure digital assets. With all of these features, IPFS and blockchain-based Registo provides a secure and innovative solution for your document storage needs.

In addition, Registo also features a secure blockchain-based electronic signature (e-signature) mechanism. This feature allows Registo to make all your electronic signature processes fast and secure within the same system.


The application uses advanced cryptography to ensure the highest level of security and protect user content.


It uses decentralized technology to eliminate the single point of failure risk and provide transparency in the notary process.

Smart Contract Integration

The application uses smart contracts to automate the notary process, ensure data integrity and reliability, and reduce manual intervention.

User-Focused Design

It is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, reaching a wide user base.


It allows users to choose their preferred level of security and privacy and configure the system to meet their needs.


It has an effective scaling mechanism to accommodate an increasing number of users and data.


It is designed to integrate with existing systems and workflows to provide seamless and efficient workflows.


It complies with relevant regulations and industry standards.


The application is accessible from different devices and platforms.