Innovative and Adaptable Crypto Wallet Solution

Walletwizz is an innovative cryptocurrency wallet solution that utilizes financial technologies (FinTech) to provide a secure and easy-to-use experience. Developed with the latest technology, Walletwizz allows for the safe storage and easy management of all cryptocurrency assets, while offering a decentralized finance (DeFi) product that provides a wallet solution for cryptocurrencies without the need for a central authority. The fast and flexible technology behind Walletwizz allows for customization based on the needs of customers.

If you want to securely store and manage your crypto assets, the next-generation crypto wallet, Walletwizz is perfect for you!

Cryptocurrency Storage

Users can securely store different cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.) in the wallet.


Users can transfer cryptocurrencies to other users or exchanges.

Portfolio Tracking

Users can track the value and performance of their crypto assets in real-time.

Transaction with QR Code

Users can easily transfer cryptocurrencies with the QR code reader feature of the wallet application.

Secure Access

Users can securely access their wallets and protect their login information.

Price Tracking

The wallet application provides real-time market prices for cryptocurrencies and sends notifications to the user.

Multi Language Support

The wallet application can support different languages, allowing users to use the wallet in their preferred language.

Social Media Integration

Users can access and transact with their wallets through their social media accounts.

Virtual Card Feature

The wallet application provides the ability to create a virtual credit/debit card for online or physical store payments.

Free Transactions

The wallet application offers certain transactions and transaction amounts for free.

Automatic Portfolio Management

The wallet application automatically manages users’ portfolios based on their specified goals and conducts buy/sell transactions at the most appropriate times.

Personal Finance Management

The wallet application supports the management of users’ financial assets outside of cryptocurrencies (budget planning, expense tracking, etc.).