Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Our e-Transformation Solutions!

ARDTECH’s digital transformation solutions increase efficiency, reduce costs and offer competitive advantages to businesses and institutions by digitizing business processes.

ARDTECH provides integrated technology solutions that are suitable for sectoral needs restructuring business ecosystems and adapting them to the digital world quickly. Thus, while paper-based transactions are replaced by digital transactions, the important values offered by the digital world such as time and cost savings, productivity, and security, are included in the business workflow. In addition to all these values that make a difference in the business world, digital transformation solutions contribute to the preservation of natural resources and the reduction of the carbon footprint as they are eco-friendly digital transformation solutions.


With the integration of electronic invoices, we eliminate the possibility of errors in your accounting operations. E-Invoice thanks to our solution, we enable you to carry out all your transactions in much faster, secure, efficient and sustainable way.


With the E-Tax solution, we move all your end-to-end income and tax processes to a secure and transparent platform. We save you time and increase your business efficiency by moving your tax tracking onto the digital environment.


With E-Sign, you can sign your transactions safely and quickly in electronic environments. You can easily carry out your business processes from anywhere with e-signature transformation of all processes requiring original signature.