ARDTECH offers e-invoice solutions to businesses for faster, cost and time-effective, secure, and efficient digital invoice processing in digital environments. Through this technology-based system, businesses can centrally and automatically manage all accounting operations with suppliers, customers, or public institutions.

ARDTECH e-invoice fully digitizes paper invoice processes and provides the opportunity to manage all invoice transactions, such as e-invoice creation, sending, storage, tracking, and reporting, from a single center. In addition, using ARDTECH e-invoice, preparing and submitting tax declarations become easier while ensuring the accuracy and security of invoice data.

Using e-invoicing contributes to businesses’ sustainability goals by reducing paper consumption and adopting an eco-friendly approach.

Advantages of E-Invoicing

  • E-invoicing provides a faster and easier solution than paper invoices.
  • ARDTECH and XERO partnership offers end-to-end digital transformation opportunities with accounting infrastructure besides e-invoice solutions.
  • Storage saving
  • Time and cost saving
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly
  • Centralized and automatic system