Innovative Coworking Project

InnoLocus is established in large and prestigious coworking locations to create an idea-focused ecosystem. Companies applying in this area are evaluated by competent “InnoLocus Citizens” through DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) technology, and projects with the most innovative ideas and potential are selected to receive investment.

InnoLocus helps you bring your project ideas to life and finance your projects. The processes in this project are evaluated through DAOs; financing control and processes are monitored. Investors can invest in individual projects or the entire system.

InnoLocus also guides you to other investors who have similar ideas or want to invest in similar projects.

InnoLocus also guides you to other investors who have similar ideas or want to invest in similar projects. InnoLocus offers you innovative ideas, potential projects, and the opportunity to implement them in an innovative ecosystem.

Bring your projects to life with InnoLocus and take your place in an innovative ecosystem!

Use of Blockchain and DAO Technology

InnoLocus conducts processes such as project selection and evaluation through blockchain and DAO technology, ensuring open, secure, and transparent management. The use of this technology ensures that projects are evaluated objectively and fairly.

Diversity of Investment Options

InnoLocus offers options such as investing in individual projects or investing in the entire system, allowing investors to invest according to their own risk preferences and expectations.

Control of Financing

Control Processes InnoLocus ensures the monitoring of project financing control processes through DAO technology. This ensures that processes are evaluated objectively, and investors can be sure that their investments are managed correctly.

Idea-Focused Ecosystem

InnoLocus aims to create an idea-focused ecosystem. The search for innovative and potential ideas in the projects applied by the companies reveals the idea-focused direction of this ecosystem.

Meeting Point for Applying Companies

InnoLocus aims to bring together companies with similar ideas or those who want to invest in similar projects. This way, applying companies can communicate with each other, and potential collaborations can be formed.

Data Analytics

Analysis of project and investment performance is conducted and investment strategies are determined based on this data.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Technologies

AR and VR technologies are used to promote and evaluate projects, providing more information and evaluation opportunities.

Mentorship and Training Programs

InnoLocus offers mentorship and training programs within the real professional “InnoLocus Citizen” community to assist in the development of projects, supporting investors in gaining more knowledge and skills.

Product Development and Prototype Laboratory

The product development and prototype creation areas offered within projects enable them to be developed more quickly and efficiently.

Networking and Events

Through targeted networking and events, InnoLocus strengthens connections between investors and projects, supporting project promotion.

InnoLocus has real physical locations which strengthens connections between investors and projects. In addition, being in a physical environment allows for continuous events and workshops to be held, increasing communication and educational opportunities between investors and projects.

InnoLocus also implements the following concepts within its own ecosystem:

Think-Tank Ecosystem: The think-tank ecosystem is an environment that enables the production and sharing of ideas and innovations. This ecosystem offers a network that helps bring ideas and innovations to life and allows for further development.

Citizenship Structure

The citizenship structure is an opportunity for anyone wishing to increase their impact within the system. This structure enables the fair and democratic management of processes within the system, and supports the consideration of all ideas and proposals from idea generators, developers, and investors.

InnoLocus offers innovative ideas, potential projects, and the opportunity to bring them to life. Everything needed to realize your projects is available within InnoLocus. You can meet with investors, share your ideas, and bring them to life within InnoLocus.

Remember, the realization of your dreamed projects begins here!